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BATEC – Training Philosophy

BATEC’s training to its end users and customers on the various aspects of its solutions, products and technology has been closely developed with our Global alliance partners and their certified level of syllabus and training methods. Although varied in its approach and subject matter relevant to the product, solution or technology, its core philosophy remains standard. Our corporate training philosophy is predicated on and states that:

All training will be practical, relevant and up-to-date, using our Technical Professionals whom are instructors, who will present their audience on the subject with interesting, stimulating and in innovative ways

As much learning as is possible it must and will be portrayed through hands-on practical work, in conjunction with classroom-based theory for comprehension. Even seemingly trivial security management such as CCTV surveillance will be covered in depth, allowing the technicians to develop a proficient hold in the subject.

We will provide qualitative Training sessions in accordance with our Alliance Partner programs and with the same high quality service commitment that we provide to our customers with our :  products, solutions and services.

These are the building blocks upon which we base our training.  We design the training based on the skills sets required by the client’s users to be efficient and also considering their level of expertise in the relevant spectrum of product and or solution, being patronized by Customer.