» BATEC’s remote cameras ensure crime prevention

BATEC’s remote cameras ensure crime prevention

For more than 30 years BATEC has been assisting Bahrain with its security. Cameras installed by BATEC have helped investigators identify suspected criminals and solve crimes.

The potential value of closed circuit television (CCTV) surveillance technology has taken on a new perspective with the recent push from Bahrain’s government over the last few months and BATEC will definitely play an important role in helping Bahrain attain its goal of being aware, secure and safe.

CCTV technology is crucial, offering safety on a daily basis and during events both big and small, in the daily lives of citizens. The successful use of this technology in police investigations is likely to prompt wider utilisation of CCTV technology and encourage citizens to reaffirm – and even expand – their investment in and use of surveillance cameras.

In today’s world, in major cities around the globe, someone is almost always watching.

Governments and law enforcement constantly remain vigilant to defend the public against heinous crimes coupled with traffic encumbrances and disruptions.

In fact, people are now more than ever at increased risk of falling victim to crime, or even just requiring emergency help.

BATEC specialises in consultative solutions and the installation of tailor-made CCTV equipment for various environments including roads, highways, industrial and commercial premises, buildings, corporate offices and residential properties throughout Bahrain. BATEC’s CCTV security solution pioneered the surveillance of the King Fahad Causeway that links Bahrain with Saudi Arabia. Personal theft, unoccupied property, vandalism and violence, terrorism, traffic anomalies, retail losses and equipment theft, are all greatly reduced under the watch of a professional surveillance system, such as those installed by BATEC. Personal security has been taken to a new level with the need for enhanced technology solutions such as remote video surveillance.

BATEC chief executive and president Ebrahim Raees describes BATEC security solutions as a three-pronged objective of “be aware, be secure and stay safe”.

“Think of it as your personal security and emergency response on a 24-hour basis,” he said. “Primarily, BATEC security and remote video surveillance systems add an additional layer of security. “It takes the security of your home or office surveillance and home alarm system and makes it mobile.

“There are many applications out there and there are many services that offer stress and panic signals. “There are also those that send alerts out to specific friends and family members.

“But BATEC’s Surveillance solution is different as it combines all of these capabilities, and then links them to a security and armed response control room determined and defined by you.

Technological evolution will continue to enhance BATEC’s capability in monitoring public spaces. By extension, technology will continue to aid efforts to prevent crime, terror and apprehend criminals. Bahrain’s initiative in apprehending criminals and terrorists has shown the power of these systems to help solve crimes and many countries globally are now calling for even more surveillance cameras to protect their citizens and ensure security.

With CCTV becoming a must for establishments and enterprises in Bahrain, it is only a matter of time before criminals and the woes of the public will be a thing of the past. “When you analyse cameras against other security solutions or measures, it’s evident that they emerge as the least expensive and most efficient and competent choice,” said Mr Raees. We at BATEC are sure that Bahrain will continue to rank among the top few safest and most secure countries in the world to live in.


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