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 Who WE are?

BATEC - BIT Advanced Technology Co.W.L.L.(Est. 2014) based in Doha, State of Qatar; is a leading Value-added ICT (Information Communication & Technology) solutions provider of: Convergence, Enterprise Networking, Enterprise Security, Data Center Technology and Platform collaboration products, services and solutions covering the Markets of : Qatar, Kuwait and Oman.

We offer a product portfolio of technologies, services and solutions that are the best in their industry from globally reputed Vendors that integrate and compliment one another.

Qualified sales and technical resources with a customer focus driven formula, guarantee outstanding service, support, technical know-how and acute Customer Relationship Management. Technical Expertise, Network architecture & Design, Technology Consultancy across all spectrums of ICT and Information Security, Customer Relationship Management, services & support, integrated marketing with substantial inventory for Just-In-Time (JIT) deliveries are core competencies of our endearing success.

BATEC’s mainstream business is providing “Absolute ICT” solutions and services

What WE Believe?


We believe in constructing and enabling efficient business dynamics for catering to advanced technology requirements, that being the essence to ensuring fundamental growth capabilities for customers and partners. We achieve this through recruitment, retention and delivering ongoing value to best-of-breed and best-in-class vendors, customers and employees.


We pledge to support our customers business by providing global technologies and quality assured products, technical assistance, collaborative integration, financial services, technology expertise and an eco-system enhancing our customers to: more efficiently and profitably, conduct their own business.

Value Proposition

We deliver ABSOLUTE ICT SOLUTIONS and are the country’s leading specialty ICT integrator in: networking, the secure datacenter, mobility, security and convergence. We provide the most effective route to market for our partners, the highest levels of support to our customers and through our success and growth, the industry’s best employee experience.

What WE Offer?

Enterprise Security Solution

BATEC security practice and processes create secure business enterprises. Our strategic alliance with Global Vendors, with specific Security Technologies, extensive experience, expertise in IT security and product engineering coupled with the most comprehensive range of end-point security solutions help securing our clientele’s businesses.

BATEC security solutions are associated strictly with information security technology, relating more broadly to the security practice of business optimization in that it addresses business security infrastructure, business security architecture, performance management and security process of systems in absolute.

“Enterprise Security Solutions from BATEC, prevent security breaches, identify threats and allows traceability from the business strategy down to the underlying technology.

Enterprise Networking and Storage Solution

BATEC is recognized as one of the leading ICT providers of Information communications & Technology services to businesses and as we continue to break new ground and deliver new solutions, we’re focused on delivering the high-quality customer service that is our heritage. The BATEC Enterprise Portfolio includes extensive wireless and wired access capabilities, products and solutions form the worlds most advanced and powerful technology Vendors We provide products, solutions and professional services to support client’s business needs by building a robust network infrastructure. The network infrastructure supports a variety of client applications in a mission critical environment across verticals.

“Our service offerings cover the entire Enterprise to Enterprise lifecycle to include; Consulting, Planning, Designing, Deployment, Sustaining, Management and Assessment and Maintenance service

Unified Communication Solution

Unified communications Solutions from BATEC provides absolute integration of real-time communication services for an Enterprise/organization, converging and collaborating the entire spectrum of a Business’s communications such as: instant messaging , presence information, telephony ( IP telephony), video conferencing, telepresence, data sharing (including web connected electronic whiteboards or Interactive Whiteboards), call control and speech recognition with non-real-time communication services such as unified messaging (integrated voicemail, e-mail, SMS and fax). BATEC’s Unified Communications Solutions is an integration of a set of products from Global Leaders in their respective fields that provide a consistent unified user interface and user experience across multiple devices and media types.

Consultative Technologies and Enterprise Mobility

BATEC Consultative Technologies Unit is a Business Model that primarily addresses Information Communication and Technology criteria’s, specific to a customer’s requirement. Our expertise in ICT helps optimize and enhance clientele’s existing IT infrastructure, Security, Convergence Needs, Software Application Development and Implementation and any/all requirements related to the ICT scope of Business Systems or processes. Our solutions are in alignment with the client’s multiple layered IT infrastructures, from: Data Centers, Compute Platforms, Storage, Database, Software Applications, Enterprise Mobility, Communications and Networks. An acute understanding of the client’s IT environment aligned with our wide range of ICT and Mobility solutions helps us to proficiently enhance their business processes with increased agility and greater savings on time, cost and resources.

Enterprise Retail POS Solution

Certification, Support, Security

Training Philosophy

BATEC’s training to its end users and customers on the various aspects of its solutions, products and technology has been closely developed with our Global alliance partners and their certified level of syllabus and training methods.

All training will be practical, relevant and up-to-date, using our Technical Professionals whom are instructors, who will present their audience on the subject with interesting, stimulating and in innovative ways.

As much learning as is possible it must and will be portrayed through hands-on practical work, in conjunction with classroom-based theory for comprehension

We will provide qualitative Training sessions in accordance with our Alliance Partner programs and with the same high-quality service commitment that we provide to our customers with our: products, solutions and services.

These are the building blocks upon which we base our training. We design the training based on the skills sets required by the client’s users to be efficient and also considering their level of expertise in the relevant spectrum of product and or solution, being patronized by Customer.